Child Care Registration Form

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    Authorized Pickup

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    Authorized Permission
    Field Trips: ALLOWEDNOT allowed
    Non-Vehicle Excursions: ALLOWEDNOT allowed
    Water Activities: ALLOWEDNOT allowed
    Pool Activities: ALLOWEDNOT allowed
    Sprinkler Activities: ALLOWEDNOT allowed

    Child's Health History
    Does child have any known health problems?YesNo
    If so, explain:
    Check any of the following illnesses the child has had:AsthmaEarachesMumpsWhooping CoughBronchitisEczemaPneumoniaPolioChicken PoxFrequent ColdsCroupConvulsionsMeaslesInfluenzaRheumatic FeverDiphtheriaTonsillitis
    Please list any injuries child has had:
    Does your child have any known allergies? YesNo
    If yes, explain what they are and the reactions:
    Does your child take any medication on a regular basis?YesNo
    If yes please list the name of the medication(s) and the medical condition for which it is taken:
    Do you have any concerns about your child’s development? YesNo
    If yes please comment:
    Please comment on any other medical information/ or special need the child care provider should be aware of:

    I authorize the child care provider/staff to obtain the following services for this child if necessary: Public Health Nurse, Physician and or Ambulance in the event of an emergency. (ambulance fees and/or health care costs are the responsibility of the parent/guardian)

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